Star Wars Celebration 2017

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It’s that time again, Star Wars Celebration makes its way back to Florida!!!! The Orange County Convention Center in Orlando will host this special event that comes around every 4-5 years. This is the Ultimate Star Wars convention that you must check out. If you have never been to Star Wars Celebration “this is the con you have been looking for” (in my Obi Wan voice). I’m gearing up and looking forward to celebrating all things Star Wars.  This year’s celebration will mean a little more to me than usual due to the death of Carry Fisher aka Princess Leia. She will be missed greatly and I will be looking for memorabilia to honor the beloved princess to add to my collection. If you’re in attendance and spot us stop and say hi, we’re always looking to meet and make new friends. Also, if you take any pictures put a quick #Cosplayfla on them and we will pick a couple random pictures to be displayed on the website in honor of Star Wars Celebration. I look forward to having an amazing time out there and “May the Force Be with You”!

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