New Mega Con Cosplay

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Hi everyone, I know we are all excited for MEGA CON this year and so am I! For the last couple of years that I have been going to Mega Con i have always cosplayed as a GHOSTBUSTER, Don’t get me wrong I love Ghostbusters and i love my Ghostbusters cosplay but i decided it’s time for a little change this year. I am currently working on a new cosplay to unveil at Mega Con this year, I’m stuck in the ’80’s as alot of those movies hold a special place in my heart, so it’s only fitting that this cosplay also comes from the ’80’s. I am working on a Marty Mcfly cosplay from Back To The Future 2, After deciding to do this outfit i learned that Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) himself was going to be there and i wouldn’t want to miss my shot at meeting him as Mcfly.  I have everything but the right set of blue jeans once i come across those the outfit will be completed, I will post pictures and keep everyone updated, Hope to see everyone at MEGACON!!!!


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