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As a kid my dad sat me down on the couch and said “son were gonna watch Ghostbusters, It might be a little scary for you but you will love it”. Well LOVE IT i did, After watching the 1st movie at 5 years old I fell in love with Ghostbusters. The cartoons then came out of the Real Ghostbusters and my love for this franchise grew even more. My mother took me to a special re-release Ghostbusters 2 in the movie theaters for my Birthday when i turned 10 and it was AMAZING.Now i had all the Ghostbusters toys as a kid and would pretend to be a Ghostbuster all the time until i finally really wanted to be one. Like any other movie people wish to be certain characters and my dream as a kid was to be a Ghostbuster and i made that happen in my early 20’s. Now that I’m almost 30 what’s the next step? It’s owning one of the coolest movie cars ever the ECTO-1, Now at this time i can not afford a 1959 Cadillac Hurst lol but i can do the next best thing….., I will turn my car into a Ecto-1. I cheated a little and bought a pre-made Ecto-1 decal kit for my car along with the license plates. I will create the entire roof rack from scratch but the bought stuff will give me a quick jump in achieving my goal and dreams lol. This will be a great weekend project for the next couple of months until i finish it. This will definitely be a conversation starter  and will be great for comic cons and other events i do with my Ghostbuster group. I will start a photo post of the updates as i work on the car and cant wait to share it with everyone.

Here is the kit i purchased that will get this project off to a good  start. Found it on EBAY being sold fairly inexpensive by an awesome seller that was very helpful.


Here are the plates that i ordered, I bought both GB1 and GB2 Ecto plates from both movies.


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