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So I went to see this so called GIGANTIC BLOCKBUSTER on Saturday the day after it came out even tho I heard all the bad thing’s, But sometimes It’s best to live through certain experiences and have your own valid opinions on things. It’s been a few days since I’ve seen the Batman V Superman movie and I have had time to reflect about what I saw and how I feel about it — so let’s get right to it.

Let’s start off with the GOOD stuff while everyone is still in a good/decent mood lol. The visuals in the movie were Fantastic, I loved all of the visual effects along with the CGI. This has to be one of the BIGGEST main keys to why this movie was enjoyable/bearable to sit through for two hours and thirty-three minutes. I thought Ben Afflec did way better than I thought he would as Batman, I really enjoyed the Batman (Iron Man suit lol) I can’t wait to see people Cosplay this. Superman was great as always, I’m really liking Henry Cavill as superman he definitely plays the part well. I really enjoyed the 3 minute fight scene between the 2 hero’s but wish it could have been so much more…The movie had good story plots and bad story plots but lets just skip all that and get down to what really matters… Batman teams up with Superman and Wonder Woman(which by the way was AMAZING), The newly teamed up 3 amigos take on one of DC bad boys in the form of DoomsDay. This fight scene was breathtaking literally at the end….NO SPOILERS……Next story plot to get a good jump off is when Batman asks Wonder Woman to help find the rest of the Meta humans to create the JUSTICE LEAGUE!!!!

The BAD, If you have seen the movie then you know how bad they messed this up, If you haven’t well here’s some things to take into account before going to the movies. The story is all over the place and at times confusing, They are trying to throw all these plot holes in order to catch the DC train up to Marvel. The first 30 mins is another Batman origin on how his parents die, How he fell down a hole with bats in it, We get it…Damn we got it in the new Batman Begins. I feel there should have been no mention of other characters as they have NOTHING to do with this movie!!!! waste of story and time. We get to see Aquaman for like 10 seconds as he pokes his trident at the camera and swims away…..Although Aquaman doing sonic booms under water as he left was pretty bad ass lol. The story had to much going on I cam e to see Batman and Superman fight it out well…. That failed took an hour and 45 minutes to get the fight started and only lasted 3 minutes. But to be fair Batman could have easily beat Superman but damn your mom’s name is Martha too? Yup! Well let’s be best friends.(thanks step brothers for setting that up lol) It was just a Hodge podge story and the only thing that half assed saved the movie was the last 45 minutes or so as that’s when all the fighting went down. I’m done talking or should i say writing about this it’s making my brain hurt as there is way to much bad to write about…

Look If you’re willing to sit through the two hours and thirty-three minutes, and are willing to ignore the tangled mess that crowds this film and it’s confusing story line, It can be part of an entertaining night out for sure.

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